We are Madetron Advanced technologies Czech precision

We produce and sell CNC machines. We particularly focus on laser and plasma cutting, laser marking, celaning and high speed engraving. We use only tested components from the world´s leading producers for our machine construction. Our longtime experiences in practise and our consistency are the added values.

We strive to re-establish the tradition of the firts-class machines “Made in Czechoslovakia“.

CNC machines Madetron
industrial CNC machines

CNC machines for industrial use

Our company offers you a wide range of CNC cutting machines for thermal cutting of material for both smaller starting companies as well as companies with the highest production load. We provide unique individual approach and design technological solutions exactly according to your needs for:

Laser marking and engraving

Ultra-modern technologies with the ultimate laser beam quality and more than 50 000 hours of maintenance free operating period. MADETRON systems provide contactless, paint-resistant, permanent and extrelemely precise marking that can be applied to almost any material type including gold, platinum, silver, brass, stainless steel, carbide, copper, titanium, aluminium and a wide range of alloys and plastics.

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Laser cleaning

Modern and compact laser systems suitable for immedieate use in your plant, evt. for production line installation. The system is designed for industrial material cleaning of oxidides, corrosion, paints, varnishes, grease and contaminations.

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industry 4.0 and robotics

Evolving segment Industry 4.0 and robotization

It is the fourth industrial revolution including complete digitalization, robotization and production automation. Most of the manual work will be replaced in order to achieve higher speed, efficiency, production quality, precise, reliable and affordable products. Also due to higher and more effective utilization of the input materials and thus smaller environmental impact and greater protection of human body.

MADETRON company has been developing their own 4.0 concept for a couple of years, already now you can find several products supporting the 4.0 trend in our product portfolio.