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Laser cleaning

Video Laser cleaning

We offer you modern and compact laser systems suitable for direct use at your business, e.g. for production line installation.

The system is designed for industrial cleaning of materials from oxides, rust, paints, varnishes, grease and contamination. We use the latest fiber laser technology which has numerous advantages compared to standard e.g. solid-state lasers.

Surface layer which needs to be removed evaporates due to focused laser radiation absorption. Very efficient and short pulses of laser beaming (up to 450 kW of peak output) have only minimal thermal effect on material you intend to clean. As long as the parameters of the cleaning laser are set correctly the cleaned material cannot be damaged in any way. Laser cleaning is therefore very gentle to material you want to clean.

The system enables 2 methods with different rights of operator/machine setter. Output setting and other feature changes are performed using a display on the front part of the machine. The exposed optics is protected by the compressed air in order to keep the long-term durability. The ergonomic laser head enables its fixing on balancer for easier handling and longterm operating performance.

Laser cleaning offers a full range of application

  • removing rust from metal
  • removing old finishes and paints
  • weld cleaning
  • food industry cleaning
  • relic cleaning
  • rubber mold cleaning
  • cleaning plastic injection molds
  • mold cleaning in glass industry
  • cleaning titanium plates etc